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5 Aug

Here’s a little bit of wrath for ya’ll…..earlier today, I caught a re-tweet from some 30-ish going on 12-ish idiot who made a joke about a mental health condition. Fine, fine…free speech and all that crap…I sent back it was in bad taste…but I also had to note that the diagnosis that was being joked about was the wrong one for the context of the joke (fyi..schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder ARE NOT THE SAME THING)…no avail..oh well…Hey, its your God- and Country-given right to sound like a total ignorant juvenile asshat..but don’t put it out there, be wrong about it, and remain self-righteous in your alleged “I am beyond Joe Cool” self-perception…

Here’s the thing: IRL, I am a social service and mental health professional. I know about mental illness. I have seen the range of diagnoses – from mild to severe.  If said tweeter has the ability to take her head out of her ass, take a long pull out of a 12 ounce can of empathy, then I would pose this question:  What if your MOTHER had schizophrenia?  And that question goes out to all the would-be bozoes on this subject….Consider this scenario:  You love your father beyond explanation. Your father has schizophrenia. Do you sit around with your buddies, say “Hey, my dad is never alone…he has 40 voices in his head” while laughing and clinking your No-Frills bozo beer cans together?

Please do not contribute to the ignorance.

May the Light Bless You (even if you’re an ignorant asshole..)



3 Aug

I’m taking my first crack at a Blog Azeroth topic. Fortunately, I think it’s a neato topic:

 THE BIG QUESTION(s): How does your character define themselves? What part of your character’s identity is the most vital piece of who they are? I know that players of World of Warcraft are a diverse lot. The person behind the screen can come from just about any aspect of IRL. We all have experienced the play-style disparity of the serious player, the intelligent player, the role-player, and the asshat player. Each of these example styles defines their character differently.

There are players who seek to zoom up in level, get the most shinies they can, and top charts. Their character is defined by raw power. There are players who take things slow, completing every quest in every zone for full immersion in the game. That character can be defined perhaps as a lore enthusiast (and get an achievement for such a thing..heh heh). There are many other examples of character definition that I won’t go into (’cause we’d be here a while)…so here’s mine:

I define Amowrath as a healer. That is what I do. And I believe I do it fairly well. I do it at least 2-4 times a week with 9 or 24 of my new best pals. I have the little green and white “plus” sign clicked in the dungeon finder. This aspect of my character’s identity is the most vital. It is the aspect of the character that I have the most experience and enjoyment from. I have confidence as a healer. At times when I switch over to the Prot off-spec to do a dungeon, I get a little nervouse. That aspect of the character I am not all that confident in (mostly because of the person driving it…gear is pretty frakin good). There is also the element of my character that has translated from real life. It’s been a minute since I took a Myers-Briggs inventory, so forgive my incorrect terminology. IRL, I am a helper, a nurturer, a problem-solver, and a mediator. Translate all that into game terms and you’ve got yourself a Healer! This connection between the game and real life can also account for the ease I experienced in levelling another healing class. It seems to be a niche I fit into well, both in terms of style and comfort.

 I believe that, as IRL, we as people tend to define ourselves along the lines of aspects of our lives that provide us with the most enjoyment and fulfillment.

 Twas short, but there it is….(still new at this)

 May the Light bless you….

We’re here to chew bubble gum..and kill bosses…

2 Aug

Just a little shout out to my guild, Undying Resolution (Elune-US)…10-man raid tonight..we downed Lord Rhyolith and the Bal-Rog..oops…wrong setting…Baleroc! Congrats all!  Here are the screenshots (I’m the ugly one on the right next to the pretty priest):

Lordy Lord Rhyolith

I am the Keymaster!

May the Light help us all, I’m going to try blogging….

1 Aug

Hello one and all! Welcome to my blog. Yes, this is the first time I’m doing such a thing so please continue reading while I have you at the edge of your seat rapidly scanning these words to see if this is any good. So, without further ado, here’s what you can (in all likelihood) expect from this blog….

 Amowrath is a Holy Paladin on the Elune-US server (Alliance). As this is my main character, this blog will (at least in its embryonic state) regale you with my trials and tribulations as a Holy Paladin Raider. (I will also try to do some things with the Protection and Retribution specs.)

 I may rant from time to time. I am a generally level-headed fellow but have been known to be emotionally reactionary from time to time.

 I may blog about something I believe in whole-heartedly then change my mind 10 days later when I realized I was wrong and now have the correct information.

 I may post controversial ideas. At times, these posts may be purposeful to engender discussion.

 I shall make frequent pop culture references…some of those will be archaic…extra points for those who point them out (and with honor – no cheating with Google).

 I know there shall be trolls but I implore them to come at me in smaller numbers…you will have to pay the troll toll if you want this boy’s soul….

 (Did you find a pop culture reference yet?)

 I will do my best to be clever when warranted (with perhaps at 20% success rate).

 I welcome discussion, tips, references, and…pay attention now…C-O-N-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-V-E criticism. Read the capital letters one more time…I’ll wait…ok then…

 I won’t go into helping make sense of the title of this blog gentle reader. You are all too smart to not have figured it out already.


Thanks and stay tuned!