5 Aug

Here’s a little bit of wrath for ya’ll…..earlier today, I caught a re-tweet from some 30-ish going on 12-ish idiot who made a joke about a mental health condition. Fine, fine…free speech and all that crap…I sent back it was in bad taste…but I also had to note that the diagnosis that was being joked about was the wrong one for the context of the joke (fyi..schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder ARE NOT THE SAME THING)…no avail..oh well…Hey, its your God- and Country-given right to sound like a total ignorant juvenile asshat..but don’t put it out there, be wrong about it, and remain self-righteous in your alleged “I am beyond Joe Cool” self-perception…

Here’s the thing: IRL, I am a social service and mental health professional. I know about mental illness. I have seen the range of diagnoses – from mild to severe.  If said tweeter has the ability to take her head out of her ass, take a long pull out of a 12 ounce can of empathy, then I would pose this question:  What if your MOTHER had schizophrenia?  And that question goes out to all the would-be bozoes on this subject….Consider this scenario:  You love your father beyond explanation. Your father has schizophrenia. Do you sit around with your buddies, say “Hey, my dad is never alone…he has 40 voices in his head” while laughing and clinking your No-Frills bozo beer cans together?

Please do not contribute to the ignorance.

May the Light Bless You (even if you’re an ignorant asshole..)


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