Day 3 – Your first day playing WoW

8 Sep

Hi gang! Yes its been a month…life went a little cuckoo for a minute…so to start fresh I’m going to do Spellbound’s 20 day blog challenge. In my first post I covered the info from Day 1 and Day 2 so I’ll start at Day 3!

My first day playing WoW:

Two words: Rampant Confusion

When I started playing WoW 3 1/2-ish years ago, it was when Blizzard was selling the Battle Chest containing Vanilla and BC. I installed the game and in the spirit of my old D&D days, rolled a Human Mage. I started doing the starting area quests and became quickly confused as to how to go about looking at maps. I got it, but it took a minute. Mind you, this was back before Blizz put in those handy “here’s what this can do” help menus that one sees nowadays. I levelled my Mage, slowly (so slowly), figured out how to train, and carried on. I played this toon for a while..even raising enough money to get my first mount at (gasp!) level 40! During this journey I had no idea how to gather anything or play the AH. After epic fails in dps at level 44 (I think?) I gave up..the build was so bad, I had no help, and grew frustrated. I decided to try a Blood Elf Paladin and did much better, mostly due to finding folks who were nice and told me what to do. My noob ignorance of the larger community held me back for a long time…but thats a story for another day…


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