Day 5 – Favorite in-game items

7 Dec

I am not a WoW packrat or hoarder. I figure that most things can be acquired, sold or destroyed, and re-acquired. Much hilarity ensued when I watched WoWCrendor’s video about WoW Hoarders. Valid points were covered: “What if I go alchemy?” My answer: Then I’ll farm that crap IF I do! More about this topic when I get to Day 19. For now: My favorite in-game items.

My motorcycle: This sucker took a lot of farming time and money to get together. It wasn’t just doing a few bear runs and hope for a lucky roll. My bike took the at-times boring efforts to gather gather gather. I admit that despite being a bit of a nerd and quite the sensitive guy, I’ve always wanted a motorcycle (and to take girls on rides on it). Perhaps I’ll still get one when I have the money. Until then, a virtual one will do. I also like my in-game bike because it has a sidecar that has become the property of one of my guildies who is my online BFF. When running a 5 man with a new guildie one night recently, the new girl asked if she could ride in the sidecar. My reply was “sorry…only Aesadonna gets to ride in the sidecar.”

Leyara’s Locket: I love this little vanity item. (I have it activated in the screenshot..Amowrath is really human, I promise.) I love it because Amowrath is human. Amowrath used to be a blood elf before he underwent his DNA change so he could raid on the schedule I needed. Human racials are good for Holy Paladins but everything else about Humans suck. (Which is why I don’t have any other human characters.) So I click on this little baby and I get to be a Night Elf for 4 minutes. And not just a Night Elf, but a Night Elf WHO IS ON FRIKIN’ FIRE! I promptly /roar, since I think the night elf roar is the best in the game at the moment. It was also really cool to see a Night Elf paladin’ing around in the raid. Now, of course, I can do that simply by doing the Well of Eternity instance. BUT: that Night Elf isn’t on frikin’ fire!

My favorite pet is, gulp, the Pandaren Monk. I know, I know….MoP and all that….but I like this guy because he is interactive. I love the little bows and the drinking animations. I love his little karate patterns he performs randomly and the noises that accompany them. I don’t always have the little guy running around with me (I almost typed in “I don’t always have the little guy out” but I changed it to avoid dick jokes J ). Little Monk-y is out in this screen shot though. (This week I’m running around with the Sea Pony because it took OVER 150 FUCKING FISHING CASTS to get.)


2 Responses to “Day 5 – Favorite in-game items”

  1. Aesadonna December 7, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

    I heart you! 😀

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