Day 6 – My Desk

8 Dec

This is another interesting post to do, as what constitutes “my desk” has changed in the last 3 months, twice, and will likely change again. The photo below shows my current setup, but I staged it a bit to show what it looks like on raid nights.

From left to right: my POS mini-tower, napkins to wipe away the tears of wipe rage, a Hershey bar that is representative of some snack food product that usually occupies a place on my desk during raid, a glass of soda, a bottle of water (it IS 90 minutes without a break after all), my comfy headphones, my screen and keyboard (and to the left bottom of the computer screen is an old headset that I use as my mic), a bottle of beer that represents a variety of alcoholic products I might have during raid, my notebook that is currently open to my T13 Holy Pally loot list, and my awesomeballz Razer Naga mouse. Notice there is nothing on the walls…its a room that has recently undergone remodeling…THAT, dear friends, is why I sound like I’m playing in the bathroom…


2 Responses to “Day 6 – My Desk”

  1. Effraeti December 9, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    I still think you play in a bathroom… The toilet is your computer chair, of course. 😉

    ~ Effy

    • amowrath December 10, 2011 at 10:33 am #

      you got me….its the truth 😉

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