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The Raider Challenge

26 Jan

Here is my submission for Effy’s Raider Challenge!

“Dalaran,” Amowrath¬†thought as the teleport to the City of Mages completed. ¬†“I like this city. It’s quiet.” Amowrath climbed the stairs of the Violet Citadel and sat, his dented and singed plate armor clanking its cacaphony as he did so. “So much for quiet,” he mused. Amowrath had been staying in Dalaran since he first cut his teeth with the forces of the Argent Crusade in the campaigns to bring down The Lich King. Amowrath felt comfortable in Dalaran, his comfort having mostly to do with the company of the many blood elves who roamed its streets. Amowrath enjoyed being among the blood elves, as if he had been one in a previous life.

Removing the helm fashioned, like the rest of his armor, after the armor of Highlord Tirion Fordring, Amowrath sighed. Deathwing, the Destroyer was dead. The armor made in admiration of the Highlord could be repaired. Amowrath hoped the whole of Azeroth could be as well. He was glad that Dalaran was spared Deathwing’s destruction, yet a tear formed in the corner of his eye as he thought that not the same could be said for Wyrmrest Temple. Wiping the tear from his eye, and leaving a trail of soot from his gloves in its place, Amowrath rose and began walking to the inn, A Hero’s Welcome. As he entered the inn, Amowrath was greeted by the innkeeper, Isirami Fairwind. “Welcome home, hero.”