The Resolve Does Not Die

23 Aug

Heroic Spine of Deathwing – 25 man – Above The Frozen Sea – Azeroth

Tonight, Undying Resolution took its last stabs at Heroic Spine of Deathwing before the 5.0.4 patch lands in a computer near you next Tuesday.

We had, for our final composition, 3 tanks, 7 healers, and 15 dps. While everyone kicked some serious Spine this week, there were two among us that were relatively new to Undying Resolution.  One of the tanks, a Prot Warrior who recently joined our guild on a Druid main, rocked the oozes on the spine of The Destroyer! Gratz Pinkipie! We also had a new healer in our mix. Hestiah the Druid showed us her best Resto-Druiding! (and lovingly helped this poor betch Pali when the Dispels got a tad much <3)

It was great to experience the camaraderie of 25 people from all over North America (yes…even Canada) giving their all to beat this bugger of an encounter. Folks were tweeting between pulls that they had inspirational music on, hands falling asleep from tight grips on mice, bodies shaking, and hearts pounding.

In the end, we did not defeat the encounter…but…to quote our GM: ”We gave it a hell of a good go.”

I am proud of Undying Resolution. There are guilds on our server that went 6/8 Heroic and said: “that’s it..we’re done.” Not us though…

Undying Resolution were resolved to keep going as long as we could. Mind you, our guild is a 25 man Raiding Guild. There are few 25-man guilds raiding these days; most have either hung up their collective hats until Mists of Pandaria, switched to a 10-man roster, or folded.

In spite of not downing Spine of Deathwing before the patch, we’ll keep trying after the patch when we figure out how to play our classes again (in record time no doubt with this gang).  As our Evil-Genius-Warlock Ponerya tweeted after the fight: “”We’ll probably kill this asshole after 5.0 though.” That sentiment is the embodiment of the spirit of this guild. “Whole new class thing? New spells? Changes to how everything works?  No Problem.”

On a more personal note, when I joined Undying Resolution 15 months ago, I was a noob raider. My previous guild tried to put together raids for BWD, but just couldn’t get it together. There was not the dedication to this level of play as there is with UR. I am happy and proud to have encountered this group of players. Some may dislike me, others may just tolerate me, and some others actually like the Amowrath. Still, I love this group of sometimes-knuckleheads, all-the-time dedicated raiders who keep at it week after week.

Gratz! to Undying Resolution for going 25-man 6/8 Heroic Dragonsoul !!!

Hugs and kisses,



One Response to “The Resolve Does Not Die”

  1. thetenmanbear August 24, 2012 at 12:29 am #

    *Sniffle* Thanks for healing my Night Elf butt as I bounded all over that dragon. ❤ UR is amazing, and I am confident it will be a place to call home for a long time to come.

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