Half the raid is still in Stormwind

30 Aug

“Old habits die hard,” piped up the Shadow Priest….

Last night, my guild took its first post-patch steps into the Dragonsoul Raid. Right off the bat, things were hilarious. Half the raid, with only minutes to go until the scheduled go-time, were relaxing comfortably in Stormwind, awaiting their routine Have Group Will Travel to take them to the instance.

After some quick flying by the “hoof-it crew,” we zoned into the instance. More hilarity ensued, as someone accidently (?) pulled the first trash pack and dragged it to the instance portal. “Hello friends,” said the Raid Leader as my screen was suddenly invaded by those elemental giant thingys. My thoughts: “SHIT! Buff the raid and throw heals!” We survived. We are quick responders it seems.

Finally, we had (most) of the raid all together. We continued down the Path of the Titans, only to be hit with a game bug: Master Looter Fail.

All this time, I was trying out ElvUI. I dumped the thing after Morchok. I have difficulty articulating why, so I’ll leave it at it just wasn’t “me.”

Continuing on, other issues popped up along the way. During the purple phase on Yor’shaj, the raid was hit by the too-many-stacks-now-you-all-die problem. We think all the healers were behaving, so we’re trying to see if any new dps abilities were the culprit. I was guilty of an Eternal Flame or two, but nothing seemed to happen as I sat there, cringing, waiting for a big explosion. That spell may be safe. We did see that any sort of Lightwell-ian thing is bad mmkay?

Ozzy went down pretty clean. +1 to us. Hagara as well. We did encounter a couple of hilarious things during Ultraxion though.

(said in best John Cleese voice)

For one, there were a few “pushing the button is hard” instances…but the main fun was with 2 of our poor rogues. One of them hit his Shadowstep button, and fell off the summit…twice in two pulls. “OK. NOW I TOOK IT OFF MY BARS!”

The other poor bloke seemed to die from a GameBug. Death record in Skada showed him…just dead. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but chuckle…

Downing Ultraxion was where we ended things for the evening. We could have gone onto Warmaster Shardship, but game bug delays and the D/C Boss put us too close to our end time. Tonight we’ll continue…

As for healing in a 25 man Heroic Raid as a Holy Paladin, it wasn’t too awful. I actually did pretty well according to the numbers. I did have some difficulty with raid frame setup. I have switched to VuhDo for a bit. It appears I did not have it set to monitor stacks of the purple-debuff-of-healing-death, so I had to quickly punch up the default raidframes to see who had how many of what. Problem there was, since I didn’t have Clique up and running, I had to watch one frame and heal on the other. >.<

I noticed an issue with using Cleanse during H. Ozzy..it worked, then it didn’t, then it did. I have no idea if it was the game or the addon…

I can tell you that since my mana pool is now a kiddie pool, I am loving the Divine Plea changes. Cast that sucker during a few second break in the action and you’re good to go. The other Holy Paladin in the raid and I are going to do some testing of other new things too.

Time will tell regarding issues with addons and game bugs. (We already had one set of rolling restarts yesterday; I’m sure others will follow.)

Perhaps I’ll post tomorrow with a more solid idea of how Holy Paladin-ing is going for me so far…



5 Responses to “Half the raid is still in Stormwind”

  1. Asherrylie August 30, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    I am actually a terrible Holy Paladin, but I somehow managed to alt it up during a cross realm adventure, Anyways, Cleanse has an 8 second Cooldown, in case you didn’t see that. Makes it a hell of a lot harder to dispel that stupid debuff on Zon’ozz.

    • amowrath August 30, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

      Ya..it wasn’t the cooldown..it was a push-button-nothing-happened thing. I am assigned to dispel our ball-bouncers and there is more than 8 secs b/w them..it is likely an issue with my macro for the spell../gettoworkamo

  2. Elunamakata August 30, 2012 at 2:07 pm #

    We had an issue on (reg 10m) Ozzy…the dark phase didn’t go dark…our only indication was the ball went away for a bit! It was very buggy!

    • amowrath August 30, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

      I noticed that too…I just thought the lack of dark was an improvement for me since I now have a better graphics card lol

      • asherrylie September 1, 2012 at 10:16 am #

        it might have been because they upgraded the graphics some, i noticed that too

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