Holy Shock Batman!

5 Sep

Hello friends!

For the past few days, I have been doing dailies on Amowrath in his Holy spec, as it seemed to me that the “Shockadin” spec had returned for some more fun and laughs…The mobs were all going down so fast; I was excited! I normally did dailies in my Prot spec, but they took sooooo long…Not any longer…..At least for now, soloing dailies through Molten Front, Tol Barad, and Twilight Highlands was a most expeditious endeavor!

As I was running some Wrath Heroics with some Herald friends,  a Holy Paladin joined our random group…all spec’d out for some Shockadin fun in Halls of Omgthisdungeonagain…This paladin’s performance got me thinking, so I switched back over to Amowrath. I dropped the Prot spec and replaced it with a Holy one specced for damage.

Here’s what I’ve got at the moment…I’m sure I’ve not done it completely right, so sue me 😉 Talents: Speed of Light, Repentence, Selfless Healer, Clemency, and Sanctified Wrath. Glyphs: Denounce, Harsh Words, and Holy Shock.

Thus specced, I queued up for Part I of LFR. (Best non-training-dummy testing ground as far as I’m concerned.)

With no aoe damage to deal, single target was the only choice. The numbers for single target were impressive. I sustained 32.5k dps on Zon’ozz. Other fights, where there was more moving around or switching targets, the numbers did dip quite a bit. Overall dps for all 4 bosses came to just over 20k. Not too bad for some rudimentary work I think. I did grab a screenie off Hagara:

pew pew pew!

Mind you, I performed this little experiment in my Heroic DS Healy gear…I’ve no idea at the moment if gemming or reforging gear would improve overall dps. I won’t go that far as I’m not looking to go this route other than for dailies, levelling when MoP hits, or just running instances for pew pew laughs.

Until next time!



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