Heroic #1 Undying 25-man Madness Resolution

7 Sep

Yes! It’s a word jumble! I have that kind of a sense of humor.

This past Wednesday, Undying Resolution (Elune-US) downed Heroic Madness of Deathwing! This put UR at 8/8 Heroic DS and ding’d us the #1 spot for 25-man guild on the server!

The fight was, to say the least during our attempts during patch week, maddening (i crack myself up). I can empathize with our tanks and dps regarding the stress of mob and dps control required for this fight. The percentages of Deathwing’s health and add arrival are very tight margins to have to manage properly.

As for the healing corps, does the song lyric “how dry I am” give folks an idea of what healing this fight is like with the new mana kiddie-pools?

Of course, as you all have likely surmised from reading my previous raiding posts, we were up to the challenge. Over the two weeks, we only had to pull this fight 7 times. We got Madness down on the second attempt on Wednesday.

One of our guildies, the always-ready Leafy (find his blog at http://www.thetenmanbear.com/) , stepped up to bring his mage to our Madness of Deathwing attempts this week for the mage’s slowing utility. GG to him for being able to switch up characters in a pinch like that!

I, again, am proud of Undying Resolution and even prouder to be a member. The last 16 months have been my first period of time in WoW raiding in a raiding guild. I know that I have come a long way as a player as a result, and I am thankful that the leadership of Undying Resolution saw fit to add me as a member of their raid team. My previous raiding experience had been when Amowrath was Horde and our guild “raided” 2 tiers behind. That means we did ICC at level 85 and that was it. I tried and tried to get us into BWD, but to no avail. It took me an agonizing month to make a decision to leave for raid-ier pastures and when I did, Undying Resolution was there.

Our guild now occupies the #1 spot for 25-man guilds on Elune. See?

and…as I feel there are never enough of these types of graphics:


I know that once raiding begins in Mists of Pandaria the previous occupiers of the 25man throne are likely to bump us out of where we are now. That’s ok. Pushing or racing to a top guild spot on our realm is not a primary goal of UR. We are not a raiding guild that raids 6 billion hours a week. That’s not who we are. I know a number of 25man guilds, on server or wherever, stopped before reaching 8/8 Heroic due to summer absences, end-of-expansion torpor, jerkwad players, or whatever. My point is, and others may feel differently, that UR KEPT GOING. So what if other guilds stopped for whatever reasons they stopped for. We kept up progression. Pure and simple. Some say that slow and steady wins the race? For us, there was no race against anyone, but the slow and steady did get us to #1. How long will it last? Who knows? What I do know is that reaching this goal gives me a feeling of momentum to take into the next raid tier.

Congratulations to Undying Resolution!

If you are an exceptional raider and would like to check us out, visit www.undyingresolution.com


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