What’s in a name?

13 Sep

Greetings fellow MoP-waiters!

In the past week-ish, my gaming sessions have included two really awesome accomplishments…

The first of which is completing the Feat of Strength: Herald of the Titans! I did this with a terrific Twitterland group. The six-ish weeks of work on getting my baby warrior ready for it was, at times, grueling…but so worth it. Here she is:

The other was…drumroll please…Savior of Azeroth!

I got to thinking…based on a discussion on the recent Episode 69 of Blessing of Frost..(which I was on!), are you going to sport certain titles on your alts? For example, would I put Savior of Azeroth on my Dwarf Hunter who is just now getting to LFR level? It’s a good question. It does tell others of your accomplishments no matter what character you may be on…On the other hand, is there a title so special to your main character that you will never display that title on any other character?

I have decided, for now, to do a bit of both 😀   I will keep Savior of Azeroth solely on Amowrath…but, I’ll sport Herald of the Titans on him even though it was on Casseopia that I attained the title. I wasn’t able to get the title on Amowrath because it has to be done at level 80. I wasn’t raiding at level 80 and had no idea that such a title existed.

So, without further ado..here are some of my “Title” screenies:

ummm….o yeah…fun disguise thingys!



Feel free to comment on this post answering the question: Now that there are account-wide achievements and titles, what are your thoughts on which titles to display on which characters?



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