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Coldfixes and lame blogs

23 Apr

Yes it has been forever and a day since I’ve typed into this thing…but something bothered me (again) today so I’ve decided to yell ūüėČ

World of Warcraft Hotfixes for April 23rd

April 23


    • Paladin
    • General
      • Healing Stream Totem no longer incorrectly heals itself.


  • Paladin¬†Tactics: Increased the spawn rate of Paladins.
  • The¬†Paladin’s Revenge: Resolved an issue where¬†Paladin was not resetting correctly.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios

  • Siege of Orgrimmar
      • Paladin
      • Resolved an issue where¬†Paladin effects were able to persist after the encounter ended.
      • Paladin
      • During the¬†Paladin encounter, Paladins no longer generates threat during stages 2 and 3 to address an issue that was making the encounter more difficult than intended for raid groups with Protection Paladin tanks.
      • Paladins ¬†now Fixate on players for 12 seconds (up from 10 seconds) during stage 4 of the Garrosh Hellscream encounter on Heroic difficulty.
  • Paladin: Resolved an issue that could prevent players from being able to loot Paladin’s Gift after defeating Paladin.


  • Paladin: Reduced the amount of gold found in Paladins.


No, Virginia, this is not serious. It’s just my own little passive-aggressive shouting to all the would-be bloggers (like myself) who lack the creativity to be original and just cut/paste what someone else (usually Blizzard) puts out.¬†¬† I don’t blog regularly for many reasons…the lack of alot of original thinking is probably the most significant.¬† Even though I’m a terrible depressive loser at large, the last place I want to seek validation at is the Internet with posting the words of someone else.

I have a wonderful imagination, but I am not creative.

you want creative?¬† Go read anything and everything written by Matthew Rossi…..I love that guy and he is fucking CREATIVE!

Anyhoo…peace love happiness and all that!