The Resolve Does Not Die

23 Aug

Heroic Spine of Deathwing – 25 man – Above The Frozen Sea – Azeroth

Tonight, Undying Resolution took its last stabs at Heroic Spine of Deathwing before the 5.0.4 patch lands in a computer near you next Tuesday.

We had, for our final composition, 3 tanks, 7 healers, and 15 dps. While everyone kicked some serious Spine this week, there were two among us that were relatively new to Undying Resolution.  One of the tanks, a Prot Warrior who recently joined our guild on a Druid main, rocked the oozes on the spine of The Destroyer! Gratz Pinkipie! We also had a new healer in our mix. Hestiah the Druid showed us her best Resto-Druiding! (and lovingly helped this poor betch Pali when the Dispels got a tad much <3)

It was great to experience the camaraderie of 25 people from all over North America (yes…even Canada) giving their all to beat this bugger of an encounter. Folks were tweeting between pulls that they had inspirational music on, hands falling asleep from tight grips on mice, bodies shaking, and hearts pounding.

In the end, we did not defeat the encounter…but…to quote our GM: ”We gave it a hell of a good go.”

I am proud of Undying Resolution. There are guilds on our server that went 6/8 Heroic and said: “that’s it..we’re done.” Not us though…

Undying Resolution were resolved to keep going as long as we could. Mind you, our guild is a 25 man Raiding Guild. There are few 25-man guilds raiding these days; most have either hung up their collective hats until Mists of Pandaria, switched to a 10-man roster, or folded.

In spite of not downing Spine of Deathwing before the patch, we’ll keep trying after the patch when we figure out how to play our classes again (in record time no doubt with this gang).  As our Evil-Genius-Warlock Ponerya tweeted after the fight: “”We’ll probably kill this asshole after 5.0 though.” That sentiment is the embodiment of the spirit of this guild. “Whole new class thing? New spells? Changes to how everything works?  No Problem.”

On a more personal note, when I joined Undying Resolution 15 months ago, I was a noob raider. My previous guild tried to put together raids for BWD, but just couldn’t get it together. There was not the dedication to this level of play as there is with UR. I am happy and proud to have encountered this group of players. Some may dislike me, others may just tolerate me, and some others actually like the Amowrath. Still, I love this group of sometimes-knuckleheads, all-the-time dedicated raiders who keep at it week after week.

Gratz! to Undying Resolution for going 25-man 6/8 Heroic Dragonsoul !!!

Hugs and kisses,



A Ranty Return

15 Aug

I have been going back and forth in my mind about trying this blog thing again. I’ve been coming closer and closer to clicking on my Blog Azeroth link and see if I can reclaim some mojo by trying my hand at some shared topics. That, however, is for another day…

The following is VERY ranty…you have been warned.

Dear Reader, I would like to know…

Why so much negativity?

I react emotionally to many things in what is generally an “instant gratification” fashion. Meaning that if something bothers me, it does so immediately and often dramatically.

I keep up with my beloved WoW community via Twitter. I find out about breaking news from 20 or 30 people all at once! I find it quite helpful! Also, members of my guild have coined our guild chat as actually being on Twitter instead of in-game! 😀

So, where the frak am I going today? I am having difficulty with seeing negativity.

I believe a reason for my trouble with all the negativity, all of these “glass is half empty” points of view is that my real life has been so chock full of negativity for the past year that I am desperate to find the silver lining. A light at the end of the tunnel. Or just acknowledgment of something that is a business or marketing tactic, not something sinister or evil.

Jeez people!! Every move that Blizzard makes is NOT a direct attack against you and its NOT an attack on your race or class or faction, etc.

Every time there is some sort of nerf to a class, the die-hard players of that class invariably say: “Blizzard hates Paladins.” “Blizzard hates Shamans.”  EVERY CLASS EVERY TIME.

People today are bitching about crafting come Mists of Pandaria. Seriously?! How many things do you loot off mobs that you can’t sell and have no use for?

“ZOMG I can’t make a mint on the AH by putting these up for sale?”


“but..but…I autoloot..And Blizzard is going to make me take extra steps to get rid of items I can’t use.”

Alt F4 then. Kthxbai. Or, if you are a crafter, don’t lump those of us who enjoy using the crafting skills into your microcosm of Blizz hatred. You want to craft by buying the mats? Well, you are out of luck I suppose. I give you the Vulcan adage: “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.” I, like many WoW players, do not have upteenbazilliontoinfinity amounts of gold to buy all the things that are needed. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. There are many elements of WoW that I am not into, and you know what? I just don’t do them.

I am not someone who has been plugged into the MMO world for the past 20 years. I don’t feel I know ALL THE REASONS that a game producer does what they do, but I do not understand the focus on the negative. There must be a reason for the BoP nature of Spirit of Harmony. There must be a reason for class nerfs. I am not being a Blizzard apologist I’m just inclined to believe that there is another side to the story. I also understand that feedback is important and that developers often listen. I understand that sometimes bitching leads to change. HEY GUESS WHAT?? So does support and compliments. There is just a tad (read: galactic-scale of little) of the latter out there.

Again, why so much negativity?

I understand people’s initial reactions to change are to: bitch, whine, cry, tear your mantle, whatever you need to do. We are emotional creatures…but then…we need to work toward getting past it. Your class nerfs or your BoP mats are not things to cause un-repairable heartbreak or even a diagnosable disorder from the DSM-IV (both of which I have, tyvm). FIND THE GOOD. FIND THE LIGHT. FIND THE HOPE. I, for one, REFUSE ANY LONGER, to be a CHRONIC CYNIC of my favorite pastime, or entertain the Chronic Cynic. I put people on mute in Vent because I refuse to be an audience, week after week after week, for their complaints that never seem to end.

Yes, my good people, everyone is entitled to their opinion. (Oftentimes, I seem to be the one who is not..hmmmm) I just know from education and experience that a more positive viewpoint is generally a healthier one. I understand that being whatever% lower than The Other Guy on some arbitrary meter somewhere pisses people off. I get it. I believe you should react in the way you feel is best. Again, throw things, punch puppies, dump ashes on your head..whatever you got to do to be okay. Once the calm has returned, consider thinking: “Well, that sucks…BUT, my class can now do THIS! (Insert Something Really Cool And Awesome That No Other Class Can Do.) Or…”Well I can’t use these mats, so I’ll destroy them, no big deal?” I fail to see how this point of view could be anything but helpful.

As a quick aside, I would love to see someone do a blog post about the resiliency of a group of players of a class, that despite being the “shittiest Tank/Healer/DPS, still LOVE playing their class/role.” Where are those folks?  Perhaps I should do one.

The glass can be half-full people. There is a new expansion on the way. There is new stuff to do again. Sure, change is tough. And while my tanking may suck and I’m certain healing is going to make me want to shoot myself in the head,  I’ll get past it because there is fun to be had…

The Raider Challenge

26 Jan

Here is my submission for Effy’s Raider Challenge!

“Dalaran,” Amowrath thought as the teleport to the City of Mages completed.  “I like this city. It’s quiet.” Amowrath climbed the stairs of the Violet Citadel and sat, his dented and singed plate armor clanking its cacaphony as he did so. “So much for quiet,” he mused. Amowrath had been staying in Dalaran since he first cut his teeth with the forces of the Argent Crusade in the campaigns to bring down The Lich King. Amowrath felt comfortable in Dalaran, his comfort having mostly to do with the company of the many blood elves who roamed its streets. Amowrath enjoyed being among the blood elves, as if he had been one in a previous life.

Removing the helm fashioned, like the rest of his armor, after the armor of Highlord Tirion Fordring, Amowrath sighed. Deathwing, the Destroyer was dead. The armor made in admiration of the Highlord could be repaired. Amowrath hoped the whole of Azeroth could be as well. He was glad that Dalaran was spared Deathwing’s destruction, yet a tear formed in the corner of his eye as he thought that not the same could be said for Wyrmrest Temple. Wiping the tear from his eye, and leaving a trail of soot from his gloves in its place, Amowrath rose and began walking to the inn, A Hero’s Welcome. As he entered the inn, Amowrath was greeted by the innkeeper, Isirami Fairwind. “Welcome home, hero.”



Day 7 – The reason behind my blog’s name

9 Dec

I covered this a bit in the first blog post I wrote but since I enjoy talking too much, I’LL DO IT AGAIN!

The name of my blog came from the name of my main character.

My main character’s name is Amowrath. I noted a bit the other day that I’m a sensitive guy. I’m a straight guy, just a bit more “in touch with my feminine side” than most men I know. I also consider myself to be fairly smart. So, when it came to naming Amowrath I went to my knowledge of the Romantic Languages. “Amo” meaning love. (fun fact: I love that song Te Amo). “Wrath” came from this game being one where you kill shit. Amowrath leveled for a time as a Ret paladin, then I tried Protection, but the main spec was always Holy. The “Wrath” part of my name tied into my sensitivity, or, as my BFF Aesadonna called me once when I was feeling a little emotional, “Emowrath.” I can tend to react emotionally more than I react rationally. No good you say? Well tough shit..I’m a work in progress 😉

So….The Light’s Wrath…My main character’s name is Amowrath and I am a Holy Paladin, wielder of The Light.

Nuff said?

Day 6 – My Desk

8 Dec

This is another interesting post to do, as what constitutes “my desk” has changed in the last 3 months, twice, and will likely change again. The photo below shows my current setup, but I staged it a bit to show what it looks like on raid nights.

From left to right: my POS mini-tower, napkins to wipe away the tears of wipe rage, a Hershey bar that is representative of some snack food product that usually occupies a place on my desk during raid, a glass of soda, a bottle of water (it IS 90 minutes without a break after all), my comfy headphones, my screen and keyboard (and to the left bottom of the computer screen is an old headset that I use as my mic), a bottle of beer that represents a variety of alcoholic products I might have during raid, my notebook that is currently open to my T13 Holy Pally loot list, and my awesomeballz Razer Naga mouse. Notice there is nothing on the walls…its a room that has recently undergone remodeling…THAT, dear friends, is why I sound like I’m playing in the bathroom…

Day 5 – Favorite in-game items

7 Dec

I am not a WoW packrat or hoarder. I figure that most things can be acquired, sold or destroyed, and re-acquired. Much hilarity ensued when I watched WoWCrendor’s video about WoW Hoarders. Valid points were covered: “What if I go alchemy?” My answer: Then I’ll farm that crap IF I do! More about this topic when I get to Day 19. For now: My favorite in-game items.

My motorcycle: This sucker took a lot of farming time and money to get together. It wasn’t just doing a few bear runs and hope for a lucky roll. My bike took the at-times boring efforts to gather gather gather. I admit that despite being a bit of a nerd and quite the sensitive guy, I’ve always wanted a motorcycle (and to take girls on rides on it). Perhaps I’ll still get one when I have the money. Until then, a virtual one will do. I also like my in-game bike because it has a sidecar that has become the property of one of my guildies who is my online BFF. When running a 5 man with a new guildie one night recently, the new girl asked if she could ride in the sidecar. My reply was “sorry…only Aesadonna gets to ride in the sidecar.”

Leyara’s Locket: I love this little vanity item. (I have it activated in the screenshot..Amowrath is really human, I promise.) I love it because Amowrath is human. Amowrath used to be a blood elf before he underwent his DNA change so he could raid on the schedule I needed. Human racials are good for Holy Paladins but everything else about Humans suck. (Which is why I don’t have any other human characters.) So I click on this little baby and I get to be a Night Elf for 4 minutes. And not just a Night Elf, but a Night Elf WHO IS ON FRIKIN’ FIRE! I promptly /roar, since I think the night elf roar is the best in the game at the moment. It was also really cool to see a Night Elf paladin’ing around in the raid. Now, of course, I can do that simply by doing the Well of Eternity instance. BUT: that Night Elf isn’t on frikin’ fire!

My favorite pet is, gulp, the Pandaren Monk. I know, I know….MoP and all that….but I like this guy because he is interactive. I love the little bows and the drinking animations. I love his little karate patterns he performs randomly and the noises that accompany them. I don’t always have the little guy running around with me (I almost typed in “I don’t always have the little guy out” but I changed it to avoid dick jokes J ). Little Monk-y is out in this screen shot though. (This week I’m running around with the Sea Pony because it took OVER 150 FUCKING FISHING CASTS to get.)

Day 4 – Your best WoW memory

6 Dec

Hello all! I’m back! (I hope)

Perhaps I can get through the 20 day blogging challenge by setting it to “quarterly”?? I really do want to keep this blog here’s a rolling restart!

My best WoW memory seems to change depending on prevailing conditions in my game life. As memories go, I make new ones all the time 😀

When I joined my current guild, I admit I was as noob a raider as they come. My previous guild tried time and again to get things going in Tier 11 but to no avail. My first forays into raiding with my current guild kind of got me a little bit of a “derp” label smaked across my head. For months, I endured the (mostly) good-natured ribbing of my fellow raiders. I flipped once or twice ENOUGH ALREADY. I rejoiced when a new raider joined our team and broke the record for fastest death in the raid instance (the previous record was held by me, of course). I endured. I got better. My survivability steadily rose.

A few weeks ago, we were trying to do a Firelands alt run. Lack of attendance changed it into a Blackwing Descent alt run. Of course, we zoomed right through it. Then came Nef. I had done this fight as a healer on Amowrath, but this would be my first time as a DPS character. (My little elemental shaman Slylexia.) The fight went well….until….Nef was only at maybe 2 or 3%. Raiders dropped like flies from adds and the purply-fire. I was alone. True story! 9 people tanks, no healers, nothing. I froze for just an instant as this sank in. I then unleashed all my shammy power. I admit I forgot about my tank-in-a-box but my fire elemental popped into being. I mashed every button I could mash and zig zagged around Nef, blasting him with LB as I danced. The next thing I knew the achievement banner “Blackwing Descent” flashed on my screen. I had done it! Cheers erupted in vent. “Shammy power” was spammed in raid chat. I finally exhaled and sat back, revelling in my glory. Here was the raider that once couldn’t get out of the poo if his life depended on it, who hit the wrong buttons with some frequency, and only knew how to heal in a raid environment. Now, on a DPS character, I killed Nef…ALONE.

That memory, I think, will carry on for awhile. It was a vindication. I know what I’m doing. I just have to continue to believe it, in spite of the occasional mistake. I may not often have theorycrafting numbers swirling around in my head ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice, but I know my character, my class, and how to do my job.